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When do I plant a tree?
Getting what you paid for ?????


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When do I plant a tree?

Late fall to early spring is the perfect time to plant or transplant trees and shrubs! My wife keeps reminding me of this fact !!! :(

Getting what you paid for ?????

We recently had some home repairs done and during this process learned some valuable lessons. Reflecting on our experience,  I have to ask myself did we get what wethoughtwe were paying for? First, not everyone whosaysthey are qualified to do a job is actually skilled to complete it. Second, if a price seems too good to be true,it is. Finally, ask questions... get copies of insurance ... and remember the fanciest equipment does not equate skill.
At Gallant Tree we are most often not the cheapest bid or the highest but we strive to have customers who get what they are paying for.
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